Yorkshire Water launches vulnerability partnership fund

Yorkshire Water has launched a new fund designed to help raise awareness of its priority services register (PSR) and encourage people to sign up.

The service helps customers who face challenges when accessing Yorkshire Water services, those who may be more impacted if they can’t access water for a short period of time, or people who need to tailor their interaction with the utility company to ensure they have a positive experience.

Yorkshire Water has created a fund that will grant between £1,000 and £5,000 to organisations that raise awareness of the PSR and encourage those who would benefit from it to sign up.

Ash Roberts, customer vulnerability manager at Yorkshire Water, said: “Our PSR offers a wide variety of services to a wide range of customers in our region, but we know there are many more people who could benefit from signing up to it.

“By registering, customers can explain any additional needs they may have, whether that be naming someone else to take care of their account, informing us they require Braille or audio letters, or telling us they operate medical equipment in their home that needs a constant supply of water.

“Signing up to the PSR helps us understand customer needs in the event of planned work, or an emergency repair, so we can make sure they get the assistance they need as soon as possible.

“By launching this fund we’re looking for organisations to come forward with plans for raising awareness of our services. It may be that the funding compliments existing activity, is bespoke, or is part funding towards something larger, but the aim is to ensure people in Yorkshire who may benefit are aware of it and able to sign up.”

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