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Council set to bid for £50m of government funding

Mayor Ros Jones and the Cabinet will consider two Towns Fund bids totalling £50m next week to help transform Doncaster and Stainforth town centres.

The funding will support a number of regeneration projects drawn up by the Doncaster and Stainforth Town Deal Boards and shaped by the views of people who live, work and visit the two town centres.

The major improvement schemes feature in dedicated Town Investment Plans which, if backed by the Government, will see Doncaster and Stainforth each receive £25m to make them a reality.

Ros Jones, Mayor of Doncaster, said: “We have great potential which is matched by our unrivalled ambition to make Doncaster a truly great place for all of our communities.

“With the help and support of residents and businesses we have pulled together comprehensive investment plans which set out a series of projects for Doncaster and Stainforth that will have a transformational and inspirational effect for generations to come.

“We have been undertaking a significant regeneration programme in Doncaster in recent years and we want to continue the upward trajectory to create more opportunities for our residents.

“The Town Deals are part of an overarching framework for the development of both Doncaster and Stainforth, setting out a rationale for change and, more importantly, regeneration and improvements for our communities. At a time of such economic uncertainty, the need to deliver a significant economic uplift for both Doncaster and Stainforth has never been more crucial if we are to secure the anticipated levels of employment and business growth for both areas.

“We have pulled together strong bids totalling £50m of government money to be pumped into our borough to deliver vital schemes that would help contribute to our vision for the borough of Doncaster. It’s been a real Team Doncaster effort.”

In regards to Doncaster Town Centre, the Town Deal Board, working closely with a range of partners and listening carefully to the people of Doncaster initially identified over 140 projects which through a rigorous selection process and ensuring alignment to the existing Doncaster Urban Centre Masterplan were whittled down to three transformational proposals.

These proposals will deliver a transformation of the ‘gateway’ into Doncaster town centre and stimulate long-term economic investment and growth. This will lead to a greater diversity of the town centre economy, providing people with more opportunities for learning, skills, employment, leisure and housing.

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