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pure technology group calls on businesses to join Club Candlelighters

IT service and solutions provider, pure technology group (PTG), has joined Club Candlelighters, a brand new initiative launched by children’s cancer charity Candlelighters, to ensure they can protect, improve and expand their support for families affected by childhood cancer.

Candlelighters provides financial, emotional and practical support to children and families affected by childhood cancer across Yorkshire. It also funds research to improve the lives and outcomes of children with cancer, which reaches around the globe. Candlelighters has been impacted significantly by COVID-19, with the charity seeing a huge gap in funding due to mass participation event cancellations and a severe drop in community and corporate fundraising.

In the first half of their financial year, Candlelighters experienced a 41 per cent drop in core fundraising income, and expect it to be a number of years before their income returns to pre-pandemic levels. To help recover from the impact of COVID-19 and to enable Candlelighters to protect, improve and expand their support for families, the charity has launched its brand-new initiative, Club Candlelighters.

Club Candlelighters offers supporters the opportunity to donate on a multi-year basis at three levels, becoming either a Guardian, a Rocket or a Transformer, with a variety of exclusive benefits available to supporters at each level. Guardians will help protect the existing Candlelighters services, donating at least £5,000 each year for the next three years.

Rockets will help Candlelighters to accelerate their mission and to develop and improve their support by donating at least £10,000 each year for the next three years. Transformers will help Candlelighters expand their services and transform the charity by donating at least £25,000 each year for the next three years.

Candlelighters CEO, Emily Wragg, said: “Every year, over 150 families in Yorkshire hear the words, “Your child has cancer”. You may be, or know one of those families and therefore personally understand the devastating effects of childhood cancer.

“Club Candlelighters will play a significant part in our important mission to protect, improve and expand our services. We also have huge ambitions to further invest in research to positively impact children with cancer across the world. Our Club Candlelighters members will be the spark we need to keep our candle burning for years to come, and we hope that you will join us for the next chapter of our story.”

PTG have supported Candlelighters for a number of years and had set themselves the target of reaching £100,000 in 2020, which they achieved last summer. PTG have now committed to continue their support by joining Club Candlelighters and PTG CEO, Stephen O’Brien, is encouraging other businesses and individuals across Yorkshire to do the same.

He said: “I am hugely proud that our business is joining Club Candlelighters as a Transformer. We are very excited about what the future has in store and can’t wait to continue supporting this amazing charity – helping them achieve their important mission. I would thoroughly recommend joining us on this exciting journey.”

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