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Spink & Thackray merges with Hollingworth and Moss

Hollingworth and Moss has officially rebranded to Spink and Thackray, the start of an exciting and successful new chapter for two of the most established and prestigious book binding businesses in the UK.

Richard Hollingworth acquired Spink & Thackray back in 2018 and has been running both businesses side by side ever since. However, with so much cross-over between the two, it made commercial sense to streamline both businesses into a single brand.

Spink & Thackray has relocated to 10,000 sq ft purpose-built factory based in Leeds, with their team of highly skilled bookbinders, creatives and archival digitisation experts providing a variety of specialised products and services for over 149 years.

For Richard Hollingworth the amalgamation and rebrand takes Hollingworth and Moss back to its roots. Richard’s father worked at Spink & Thackray as an apprentice bookbinder in 1960 before setting up Hollingworth and Moss in 1966.

Richard Hollingworth, managing director of Spink & Thackray, said: “I am delighted to officially announce that Hollingworth & Moss has merged to Spink & Thackray at what is a hugely exciting time for the business providing our clients a much larger variety of bookbinding and Archival Digitisation services.

“By bringing both businesses together we can offer the widest range of bookbinding products and services to our customers, as well as book conservation and document restoration, digitisation of bound archives and much more from our dedicated premises in the centre of Leeds.

“We also retain the unrivalled history and heritage of both businesses while further establishing Spink & Thackray as the leading bookbinder in the UK thanks to the incredible team of highly skilled binders and creatives that have worked for the business for many years.”

Spink & Thackray undertakes bookbinding for a range of prestigious clients including the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, The British Library, Aston Martin, Bentley and manufactures menus for Michelin-Starred restaurants like The Black Swan at Oldstead, The Pipe and Glass in Beverley, and The Man Behind the Curtain in Leeds to name a few.

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