Art of Cloud doubles turnover and staff during pandemic

CEO Ben Stevenson

West-Yorkshire based CRM consultant Art of Cloud has seen rapid growth since the start of the COVID-19 crisis by doubling their revenue from £361k to over £750k and by hiring eight new members of staff.

This year they aim to achieve the same again, reaching a turnover of £1.5m while also doubling their staff from 15 to 30. By continuing to deliver clients an excellent service they hope to keep growing their reputation through word of mouth.

Art of Cloud offers businesses streamlined and efficient Salesforce Consultancy, helping them to embrace digitisation during the pandemic by implementing leading cloud computing and customer relationship management software. Among their clients are Rolls Royce, GHD and Formula-E, but the Horsforth-based business has ensured that at least 50 per cent of their clients are from the Yorkshire area.

CEO Ben Stevenson said: “People have become used to doing almost everything online, and this trend will only increase in 2021. By helping clients to implement cloud based solutions, we support them in operating completely remotely from anywhere in the world. Servicing our clients remotely and allowing them to service customers online has been paramount to our success in 2020.”

Even though they recently moved into a new office space in Horsforth, the business had to adjust to remote working which provided a challenge for a tight knit team that was used to working closely together on projects for clients.

Ben added: “One of our biggest challenges through COVID was that our team wasn’t getting together to bounce ideas off each other over a beer or a game of Mario Kart. The way we remedied that was to set up virtual coffee rooms through Google Meet. Which you can dip in and out of as you would any other room to have a chat with people in there or bounce an idea off someone.”

“If companies don’t have an online presence and are imagining their business will just return back to normal when we’ve all been vaccinated I would urge them to rethink this and consider how you will leverage your online presence to entice those customers back.

“I think the way in which businesses communicate with their customers will change dramatically and companies are going to have to become a lot more savvy in the way they sell to and service their customers or they will lose them.

“We’re one of the top Salesforce Consultancies in the region and rapidly attracting top talent and clients, the majority of our business comes from word of mouth because we do such a good job for our existing clients. 

“In 2021, we hope to keep earning excellent results and reviews from our clients while continuing to hire the top talent in the region and industry. But most of all we want to be back in the office! I want to have a party to celebrate our successes in 2020 and to thank my team for their efforts.”


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