New electric waste trucks take to Hambleton’s roads

The six new trucks are part powered by electricity

A new fleet of waste vehicles have taken to the road this week – and the vehicles are not only collecting ‘recyclable’ waste but are helping to reduce carbon emissions.

The six new trucks are part powered by electricity – the first time Hambleton District Council has employed this technology.

They will be used to collect recyclables – including paper, cardboard, cans, plastics, glass – which householders place in recycling boxes and bins for fortnightly collection.

Due to the length of the rounds these trucks cover, the vehicles cannot be fully powered by electricity – however the authority does use four fully electric vehicles for other waste and street scene work.

The six new vehicles – which are part of a rolling programme of leased replacements – replace five ageing vehicles in the council’s fleet.   One extra truck has been added to cope with the increasing number of properties in Hambleton.

“These electric bin lifts will not only help reduce our carbon emissions but are also less noisey so make them far more environmentally friendly,” said Cabinet spokesperson, Coun Stephen Watson.

“Unfortunately we cannot move to all electric vehicles as our rounds are too long and currently technology would not allow them to complete a round without needing recharging.  But we are looking at all ways to reduce emissions and using electric vehicles where it is possible.”

The new vehicles are on a five year lease from Specialist Fleet Services.

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