ROCOL invests in the future

Kiera Wareing and Taylor Duckworth

Industrial lubricant manufacturer ITW ROCOL has recruited two apprentices into its Technical department as it seeks to train the next generation of STEM chemists and secure the best and brightest talent.

Kiera Wareing and Taylor Duckworth join the company on an apprenticeship scheme that will see them attend University of Bradford part time to study for a Chemistry degree whilst working at ROCOL.

The first stage of their apprenticeships has seen Kiera and Taylor undertake work in a variety of departments to introduce them to different areas of the business, the equipment that has become a large part of their work, and developed their business and industry understanding and knowledge.

Kiera said: “I feel immensely lucky to have this opportunity. I knew that I wanted to work in chemistry, but I didn’t want to go to university full time. For me an apprenticeship would be the best route. When I saw the ROCOL job advertised, it was an easy decision to apply.

“It’s been a fantastic and I’ve already gained a lot of experience. Aside from the usual induction activities and finding my way around, I have had the chance to shadow another development chemist to gain more experience in the laboratory. I’ve been working in Quality Control, ensuring that the products we manufacture meet the required standards.”

Taylor said: “It’s all been really enjoyable, and everything I hoped it would be. Working in Quality Control has been interesting as it has given me opportunity to really get to grips with the products and learn about a wide range of equipment. Add to that the time that I’ve spent working on projects to do with corrosion testing, and it’s been a steep but fun learning curve.”

Chris Dyson, product development engineer at ROCOL, said: “It has been a pleasure having Taylor and Kiera join our teams. They have settled in really well: In the time since they joined, they have been building a solid foundation in the technical and professional skills that are key to our field. It is great that ROCOL is committed to developing the next generation of chemists. We acknowledge and appreciate the positive impact that Kiera and Taylor have made to ROCOL already.”


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