Victory Leisure Homes donates £3k of homeware to local charity

Pictured are Gary Corlyon and Gillian McKenna

Yorkshire-based holiday homes manufacturer Victory Leisure Homes has donated the entirety of its prop inventory from holiday home photoshoots over the past five years to Bundles of Joy – a local crisis intervention charity that supports vulnerable families.

Donating over 750 items to the charity, they will be passed on to families in need across Hull and East Yorkshire.

Gary Corlyon, managing director of Victory Leisure Homes, said: “When we are staging our homes for photoshoots, our aim is to enable customers to envisage spending lots of time in them – which means investing in all the homeware they would likely surround themselves with for the space to feel like a warm and welcoming home.

“From children’s toys to new bedding, we had already made the decision that anything we purchased for shoots would be donated rather than stored away and forgotten about.

“Victory has supported Bundles of Joy in the past and it is an incredible charity, helping local families affected by poverty, crisis, illness or domestic abuse. To know each ‘prop’ will now be used in real, lived-in homes by people who need them the most is a great feeling.”

Gillian McKenna, trustee and volunteer at Bundles of Joy, said: “The donation from Victory is absolutely wonderful and much appreciated. We always have lots of families who need practical support, but covid-19 has exacerbated already challenging situations and has put additional pressure on many families who were already struggling to make ends meet.

“Poverty is one of the key indicators of poor outcomes for children, so enabling families to have the things they need to make their home a safe, comfortable environment goes a long way to giving their children a better start in life.

“We want families to be relieved of the stress they feel when they can’t provide what many of us would consider to be the basic essentials for their children – and every donation helps us do that.”

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