First Response Group wins Living Wage Foundation Champion Award

FRG has been crowned a Recognised Service Provider Champion

One of the leading names in the UK’s security and FM sectors has been recognised for its unstinting efforts to champion the ‘real Living Wage’ through its client bids.

Leeds-based First Response Group – which has set a new standard for employee welfare within both its own sector and its client network – was crowned a Recognised Service Provider Champion at the Living Wage Foundation Champion Awards.

FRG, which was founded in 2007 by directors Jamal Tahlil, and Edgar Chibaka, provides security, fire and facilities management services to a wide range of clients in the public and private sectors.

Two years ago, it became a Living Wage Foundation Recognised Service Provider, and has been committed to securing the ‘real Living Wage’ rate to all its directly employed staff and contracted staff, one contract at a time.

Since introducing the real Living Wage, FRG has seen staff turnover on key contracts reduce by more than a half. The company now attracts applications from candidates in a wider vicinity to a project, and from those that are more experienced and better trained because the money is so much better.

Troy Moffatt, Commercial Director First Response Group, said: “We are proud to champion the real Living Wage as we don’t believe there is any better way for our industry to have a lasting impact on social value.

“Being rewarded for our efforts by the Living Wage Foundation as a Recognised Service Provider Champion is simply fantastic news, and it a recognition of the work we have done within the security and FM industries.

“We believe in paying a decent wage to our staff, who carry out vital work for many organisations, and therefore always provide a Living Wage costed bid to all our clients. This gives our clients the chance to decide if the Living Wage is right for their organisation.

“We appreciate that paying a real Living Wage is not something that everyone can commit to immediately.

“However, just opening an honest discussion can start to make a change. We have typically found that those who cannot currently budget for the increased cost can, and generally will, plan a phased implementation.

“Our open discussions with clients regarding pay rates for workers on their sites humanises the service in the eyes of all stakeholders.

“Clients are understanding that paying a real Living Wage directly improves not just the financial wellbeing, but the emotional and physical wellbeing of the workforce. It increases the contributions that our services make to their local, circular economies.

Laura Gardiner, Director, Living Wage Foundation, said: “Despite the challenges of the past 18 months, the Living Wage movement has never been stronger – we’ve continued to grow, welcoming our 7,000th employer, and tonight we come together to recognise some of the outstanding work these employers have done.

“The Living Wage Champion Awards 2021 are a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the importance of a wage that truly covers the cost of living and the value this provides for workers and businesses, and I congratulate First Response Group on their deserved award.”

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