Rooster’s charity tipple supports Disability Action Yorkshire

Pictured are Rooster’s Commercial Director Tom Fozard, Disability Action Yorkshire learner Rose Hamill, and Disability Action Yorkshire Chief Executive Jackie Snape

Beer fans supping a limited-edition ale, brewed annually by a Harrogate brewery to mark Yorkshire Day, will be helping a charity with its work supporting disabled people.

For Rooster’s, which is based on Harrogate’s Hornbeam Park, has pledged that for every pint of ‘White Rose’ sold, 10p will go to near neighbours, Disability Action Yorkshire.

The team at the family-owned brewery have made 1080 gallons of the light ale, which is made from American hops, and will be available in pubs across the country later this week.

Pubs and bars locally selling White Rose include Rooster’s Taproom, Tap On Tower Street, Major Tom’s Social and The Mitre, Knaresborough. And if every pint is sold, the charity will benefit to the tune of £864.

Rooster’s Commercial Director Tom Fozard said: “Each year, we support a local charity with the release of White Rose, and we’re delighted that the money raised from this year’s brew will be going towards assisting Disability Action Yorkshire with the work they do in providing services for disabled people.

“The charity is based a stone’s throw from the brewery, and has provided job coaching support and employment training for an apprentice who recently joined the Rooster’s team as a Trainee Brewery Assistant, so we’re aware first-hand just how fantastic the services the charity provides and the opportunities they help create are.”

Disability Action Yorkshire Chief Executive Jackie Snape said: “I would like to thank Tom and the Rooster’s team for choosing us as this year’s beneficiary of its limited-edition White Rose.

“As a charity we rely on donations from individuals, charitable trusts, individuals and businesses, such as Rooster’s, to help us continuing to offer ongoing training and support to local disabled people, in particular young adults.

“Two years ago, we held our Christmas party in Rooster’s Taproom. It was a fantastic evening, incredibly accessible, and of course the beers were great. In addition, the brewery has taken on one of our learners under the Government’s Kickstart scheme, which is brilliant news.

“When the Tap Room is open, and White Rose is available on tap, we shall certainly be making a return visit and drinking to the ongoing success of Rooster’s.”

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