Rebranding of Nidd Transport to Delamode Nidd Ltd

Nidd Transport is being rebranded to Delamode Nidd

Xpediator, which provides  freight management services across the UK and Central, Eastern and Western Europe, has announced its subsidiary in the freight forwarding division, Nidd Transport Ltd (“Nidd”), is being rebranded to Delamode Nidd Ltd (“Delamode”).

Ripon based Nidd specialises in road freight services to mainland Europe by road with particular focus on France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Ireland, as well as a providing a strong UK distribution platform, particularly in the North of England.

Xpediator acquired Nidd in October 2020, with Nidd’s focus on Western Europe complimenting Delamode’s freight forwarding expertise in central and eastern Europe, Italy and Germany.

The rebranding of Nidd is part of a group wide strategy to integrate all of the Company’s different subsidiary brands in the UK under the Delamode brand, with the UK Logistics division being successfully integrated earlier this year. This strategy was implemented to simplify the Company by establishing one recognisable brand whilst also creating economies of scale within the Group.

The UK freight forwarding division has already made significant progress towards integrating the Delamode brand, with five subsidiary companies already successfully rebranded. In May 2021, Anglia Forwarding Ltd, Benfleet Forwarding Limited, International Cargo Centre Ltd and Tracker Ltd consolidated to form a single uniformed trading entity and brand – Delamode Anglia Ltd, with Delamode Plc completing the final integration in September. Nidd will be the sixth subsidiary Freight Forwarding company to integrate under the Delamode brand all using the Delamode International Logistics logo.

The trading name for Nidd Transport Ltd will change to Delamode Nidd Ltd, however the business will also adopt the logo for Delamode International Logistics, as with all other Delamode branded companies.

Nidd will remain focused on transporting goods to its key markets in Western Europe, such as Spain, France and Portugal, and to its national distribution customers, but will now be more competitive and better placed to cross sell Delamode’s Eastern and Western European Road freight services, Air, Sea, Rail and logistics services to its customer base.

Shaun Godfrey, COO of Freight Forwarding at Xpediator, said: “The rebranding and integration of the UK freight forwarding division has made significant progress and the branding and operational integration of Nidd Transport Ltd will provide a clearer message to our customers, suppliers and partners and leverage commercial and operational synergy opportunities.

“Nidd has a strong management, operational and sales team with expertise in the North of England complimenting Delamode’s strengths in the Midlands and Southern regions of the UK and developing a uniformed brand identity is important in helping to create a one team ethos within the division.

Heather Glegg, general manager of Nidd, said: “I am looking forward to Nidd becoming part of the Delamode Brand and the enlarged UK Freight Forwarding division. Importantly, the management and fundamentals of the business will remain the same.

“We will continue to provide our customers with reliable, high quality freight solutions within the UK and to mainland Europe, whilst being in a privileged position to offer our customers an extended service offering.”

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