Twenty-one years has been ‘blast’ for Econ employee

Pictured are Chris McPhee (John’s line manager), John Milner and Johnathan Lupton

Working at the country’s largest manufacturer of gritters and snowploughs has been ‘ ‘a blast’ for one long serving employee.

And to mark the completion of 21 years’ service at Ripon-based Econ Engineering, shot blaster John Milner has been presented with an engraved watch by director Jonathan Lupton.

John, from Ripon, joined the family-owned business in the year 2000 as part of a team that prepares the steel bodywork, ahead of it being painted in the trademark yellow or orange.

For his work, John has to wear protective clothing including leather smock, gauntlets and helmet as he carries out his shotblasting work – which sees tiny metal ball bearings being fired under high pressure through a hose to smooth rough steel.

To shotblast a grit hopper takes John one hour and forty minutes to complete. An image of John, taken earlier this year, has been used by Econ Engineering in a recruitment campaign, profiling the various skills required in the gritter, snowplough and roads maintenance vehicles manufacturing process.

Econ Engineering’s Operations Director, Jonathan Lupton, said: “During his time with us he will have helped in the preparation of tens-of-thousands of vehicles before they head off to councils, highways authorities and civil engineering firms across the country, and even overseas.

“John is a valued member of the Econ team, and it was a pleasure presenting him with this reward for his long-service. I hope he will remain with us for many years to come.”

John said: “I’m part of a small team and enjoy what I do. I change into my protective clothing and step into my own world. I have my own routine and get on with it.”

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