Holden Smith makes trio of appointments to graduate apprenticeship programme

Pictured are Olivia Cook, Brittany Clark, Celsey Kneen and Alexandra Greener

Yorkshire law firm Holden Smith has added three new trainee solicitors to its graduate apprenticeship programme.

The firm has appointed Olivia Cooke, Chelsey Kneen and Alexandra Greene to the programme, which launched in February and is run in partnership with The University of Law (ULaw).

The programme aims to improve social mobility in the legal sector and help candidates from non-traditional legal backgrounds begin a career in law by providing on-the-job training for the new Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE), set to be introduced in September this year.

James Smith, co-founder and director at Holden Smith, said “The graduate apprenticeship programme has proved really successful since we introduced it at the start of the year and appointed our first graduate apprentice, Brittany Clark.

“As a forward-thinking firm, we’re keen to help open the doors to a career in law for people who may not have considered it, or thought it was out of reach, through an apprenticeship scheme.

“Our latest graduates will train on the job with us alongside their studies at ULaw to prepare them for the two stage SQE assessment while at the same time developing their skills working in a law practice.”

David Bancroft, co-founder and director at Holden Smith, said: “Until recently, the route into a career in law has been very prescriptive, but things have moved on. We welcome the introduction of the SQE because being able to recruit our future team members from a diverse talent pool is key to the future success of our business.”

Matthew Tomlinson, Dean for Leeds and Sheffield at The University of Law, said: “We’re delighted to be placing three more graduates with Holden Smith and expanding the programme with them. Their forward-thinking and agile approach in creating and developing a legal practice that is attuned to the modern world, and the diversity that world brings, really sets the firm apart and is completely aligned with ULaw’s goals of preparing and training students for successful careers.”

Holden Smith was founded in 2019. The firm has offices in Huddersfield, Leeds and Elland and employs 50 people.

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