Yorkshire company launches new app to help businesses and remote

The Reef App

Workplaces and individual workers can now sign up to a new ‘third workspace’ app which is being launched at the Digital Marketing World Forum this week by a Sheffield-based business.

The Reef App connects businesses or individuals looking for convenient remote workspaces with hospitality venues, such as cafes, restaurants and hotels, who have available space. The third workspace can be booked directly, with many of the venues offering discounts on food and drink to Reef App users choosing to work there.

With more companies embracing hybrid and remote working models, demand for cost-effective, flexible and convenient workspace is increasing dramatically. Over 150 venues across the UK have already signed up to the Reef App pre-launch, including Livelyhood Pubs, Bar Public and Neighbourhood, and 400 business users have pre-registered.

The app, which launched this week at the Digital Marketing World Forum in Amsterdam, will eventually cover venues across the world. A monthly subscription starting from just £5 allows users to book space at as many venues as they like. Reef also has partnerships with companies including FitBit, Jabra and Hotbox to offer members discounts of up to 40 per cent on technology and accessories to help with remote working and work-life balance.

James Coughlan, the founder of Reef App, said: “So much has changed in the world of work over the last 20 months, and most of us are working in very different ways now. Workers at businesses which subscribe to Reef App, or individual remote workers who sign up, can book spaces as they need them, to log on and work in a more inspiring environment, or to catch up with colleagues or clients. Not everyone has suitable spaces to work at home and many organisations want to downsize their office space – and it’s easy to see why when office space for one employee can cost upwards of £10,000 a year.

“We conducted research with 1,000 office workers which revealed that 44 per cent said their working environment has a serious impact on their mental health. One in ten (ten per cent) feel their mental health is negatively impacted by working full time in an office, whereas one in 14 (seven per cent) say working at home has a negative impact on them. This demonstrates that flexibility and choice is going to be key. There is no ‘one size fits all’ preference. People need to be free to choose the workspace which is most convenient and productive for them, at that time, for the task they are doing.”

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