Lupton Fawcett partner qualifies as Notary Public

Hugh Thompson

The head of the private client team at Lupton Fawcett, Hugh Thompson, has qualified as a Notary Public.

Working with both individuals and businesses, notaries are primarily concerned with the authentication and certification of signatures and documents mostly for use abroad.

There are 770 notaries operating in England and Wales, particularly in the city of London.

Hugh Thompson said: “Acting as a notary is to be part of an ancient and respected profession. In today’s increasingly technological and global world, it is more necessary than ever before to have documents that have been through a human process to verify they are genuine. Unfortunately, we have to be ever vigilant against money laundering and scams, particularly with regards to property where large sums of money are involved.

“During the pandemic, the value of the notary role was demonstrated when people unable to travel but with business or property abroad could rely on the authenticity of documents because they were covered by the duty of care of a notary.

“It’s been a tough two years of studying and exams for this role, but I am delighted to follow in the footsteps of my father and my uncle who were both notaries.”

James Richardson, managing partner at Lupton Fawcett, said: “Congratulations to Hugh on being appointed as a Notary Public. We are delighted to be able to offer his services, both to our clients and to anyone looking for the expertise of a notary.”

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