Mercado hires five new driving apprentices

Pictured are Alex Dawson, Jordan Terry, Darren Endeacott, Muaawiyah (Mo) Khan, Daniel Hesford and Matthew Copley

Mercado, the UK’s largest flooring distributor on Thornes Park Business Park in Leeds, has hired five new driving apprentices.

Aged from 20 and 29, the five new Yorkshire recruits are the first ever driving apprentices to join Mercado.

Darren Endeacott, transport manager said: “It’s no secret there’s a shortage of drivers in the UK.  Like many businesses, our company relies upon talented and trusted drivers.  In the past we’ve recruited experienced drivers, but with more than 3500 delivery items going out each day we have the talent in-house to be able to train the new generation of Class 1 drivers”.

Working with the Government Funded, Seetec, Mercado has set out a two-year training scheme that ensures each new recruit is working towards a Class 1 driving license.  This type of license will enable each driver to drive both Class 1 and Class 2 HGV vehicles.

Mo Khan,  20, from Bradford said: “I’ve always wanted to be a lorry driver.  When I was younger, I used to collect the make, model and number plates of lorries that drove past my house.  I can’t wait to get started! I’m really looking forward to the training, learning from an experienced team and eventually, being out on the road in my own lorry.”

Working from 9am-5pm each weekday, the new recruits will become a ‘drivers’ mate’ and shadow one driver, learning the basics whilst undertaking online learning modules and continuous assessment.

From month three the new recruits will work towards gaining a Class 2 license, before moving onto the Class 1.

Darren Endeacott added: “The driving scheme supports the local community and gives Gen-Z a chance of learning new skills.  I’m confident we’ll be looking for new apprentices this time next year and this scheme will become a staple for recruiting drivers for Mercado.”

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