Harrogate BID offering grants to high quality entertainers

Harrogate BID BID co-funded Luke Jerome’s In Memoriam travelling artwork

Harrogate BID is inviting individuals and groups able to bring high-quality entertainment to get in touch.

The organisation, whose remit is to drive footfall into Harrogate, is looking for unique crowd-pulling performances, events and installations to liven up the streets, and draw in the visitors throughout the year.

And to assist with any costs that are incurred, the BID is offering funding – as long as it satisfies certain criteria.

Harrogate BID Manager Matthew Chapman said: “We are really keen to bring something new and exciting to Harrogate town centre each weekend, and we are calling on individuals and groups to help us achieve this.

“We are particularly looking for something that is unique, exciting and has the wow factor. Harrogate is a standout town, and we want anything that we help deliver to also stand out.”

Mr Chapman added that grants weren’t just available for performers, but for individuals, groups and organisations who want to play a part in benefitting the BID levy area.

“Last year, we commissioned the incredible mural that adorns the side of Monsoon, on Cross James Street. We also commissioned Artizan UK to create nine mosaic letters spelling Harrogate to cover the bricked up windows on the side of Boots building, along Cambridge Place.

“I’m really pleased to say these will be in situ next month, adding a much-needed splash of colour to this drab street linking Oxford Street and Cambridge Street. We also provided a colourful banner for Commercial Street to help promote the independent businesses it’s home to.

“We have five key project areas; marketing, promotions & events, access & car parking, safe, clean & welcoming, business plus, and evening & night time economy, and if an idea fits in with one of these, then we are interested and a grant may well be available.”

Further information about Harrogate BID, and the grant application form, is available from the Harrogate BID website, http://harrogatebid.co.uk/

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