Supporting Minds expands affordable counselling services to the region

Jenine Butroid

Yorkshire-based counselling training centre, Supporting Minds, has been developing people to become professional counsellors in Bradford, Leeds and Sheffield since 2021.

Having initially also provided important talking therapy to locals via online platforms, they are now looking to expand those services to include face-to-face sessions as more people recognise the value in protecting their mental health.

The venture, led by qualified counsellor and psychotherapist Jenine Butroid, aims to make professional therapies accessible through a range of affordable, quality services.

Following the success of its flagship centre in Lincoln and pilot centres in Bradford, Leeds and Sheffield, Supporting Minds is looking for a qualified professional to support the growth of the Yorkshire offices through their new franchise opportunity.

Founded in 2014 by Jenine, Supporting Minds has grown rapidly over the years, training over 450 counsellors and supporting over 4,000 clients with its affordable, ethical therapy. Specialising in talking therapy, counselling is available to anyone from the age of four covering, but not limited to, bereavement, addiction, anxiety, depression, stress and relationship problems.

“With the COVID-19 pandemic having increased the number of people experiencing severe mental health across Yorkshire, I truly believe that counselling and psychotherapy should be available to everyone, not just for resolving problems but also as a way of exploring who we are and encouraging individual responsibility and empowerment,” said Jenine.

“Only by getting to the core of our being through self-exploration can real, lasting change occur. Only when we are free from the pressures and expectations of others and the challenges faced on a day-to-day basis, can we take back control and improve our emotional wellbeing.

“Money should never be an obstacle to healing, so by combining therapy services with therapist training, we can maximise our social impact via our centres.”

By expanding the Bradford, Leeds and Sheffield pilot centres into locally owned franchises, Supporting Minds will be able to deliver quality therapies for many more individual and group clients, whilst continuing to offer accredited training to trainee therapists and will also look to bring their award-winning workshops into the region’s schools.

Spearheading the brand’s expansion, Jenine has over a decade of experience in teaching and therapy, including professional qualifications in psychotherapy and nursing. Her career spans both the entrepreneurial, educational and medical landscapes.

“We’re looking to partner with qualified counselling or psychotherapists who are dedicated to their community, have a passion for emotional wellbeing and are hungry to dive into the world of business ownership. There is also the opportunity to train as a therapist and, once qualified, become a franchisee.”


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