Six-figure investment returns prodigal son to his 3D printing roots

Andy Scholey in SLA workshop room of AME

A £750,000 investment enables Sheffield’s additive manufacturing expert, AME-3D, to secure new appointment with over 19 years’ 3D printing and production experience. Andrew Scholey started his additive manufacturing journey as a prototyping technician in AME’s workshop and after 14 years, he now returns as the company’s first Technical Sales Manager.

Andrew’s appointment is a key strategic one for AME-3D’s ambitious growth plans, as he’s not only a familiar face for the team but brings with him 14 years’ worth of technical sales insight.

Andrew Scholey said: “It’s like coming home, but a home that has evolved into a new house. Walls have literally been knocked down and nothing is where it used to be, but even with the new faces there’s still the same collaborative team spirit I remember.

“When I heard from AME’s managing director, Rich Proctor, that the production side of the business was getting their own brand and were looking for someone to lead their technical sales, I knew it was time to return to my roots.

The opportunity to return combined with the chance to take responsibility to grow the business in-line with its ambitions plans, is what sealed the deal for me. It feels like the best of AME has been harnessed and sent on a new journey that we previously only dreamed of.”

Rich Proctor, AME-3D’s managing director said: “Andrew joins us at a pivotal moment in our strategy. It’s been nice to see how our veterans seamlessly welcomed Andrew back. Andrew’s technical selling know-how gained over the last 14 years is an important addition to our team, as it will empower us to service a broad range of production, manufacturing, and product development customers.

This combined with our new machines, which have tripled our capacity and drastically improved our overall capabilities, makes 2022 a year of transformation for our company.”

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