Isource sponsorship supports Joe’s fight to the top

Joe Craven

Yorkshire-born Muay Thai Boxing Champion, Joe Craven has welcomed a year-long sponsorship deal from iSource Group, the Leeds based recruitment company, as he pursues a career in the sport that has seen him fight his way to a ranking of number 14 in the world.

Currently delivering seminars and personal training sessions in the US, teaching people his favourite techniques and skills, Joe is set to return to the UK for his next fight in April.

Appearing in London’s O2 Arena, Joe will put all his hard work from training in the US, and teaching in the Bad Company Gym in East Leeds, to the test as he takes to the ring in a bid to improve his world rankings.

The sponsorship from iSource has allowed him to train full time and to be able to pursue a career in a sport that is not as heavily subsidised as others, such as boxing.

Joe said: “I met Geoff, the MD of iSource Group, at the Bad Company Gym where I teach his children Muay Thai. I explained that finding the funds to fight full time is a struggle and he offered to help me out.

“Knowing that people believe in you and the sport that becomes a way of life is really encouraging. Muay Thai is about physical strength but also discipline and respect. I’m hoping with this support I can improve my world rankings.”

Geoff Shepherd, managing director of iSource Group, said: “We’ve known Joe for years and to watch him train you can see his commitment, strength and ambition to succeed. These are qualities that we want to nurture and so offering him some support with sponsorship made complete sense.


“We wish him all the very best for his next fight at the O2 Arena and hope to be celebrating when he returns to the ring in Leeds afterwards.”


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