Wake Smith helps bring hottest yoga craze to Sheffield

Pictured are Wake Smith Solicitors’ Tom Weightman and Suzanne Williamson

Europe’s largest yoga business Hotpod Yoga is now available in Sheffield.

The franchise with enthusiast Suzanne Williamson features yoga in a heated 37 degree pod complete with lights, music and fragrance, and is operating from Sheffield city centre.

Suzanne has taken a ten-year lease on a prominent ground floor unit at The Tower on Furnival Square with the help of Sheffield’s Wake Smith Solicitors and fitted out the premises for classes with her team of seven yoga teachers.

Sheffielder Suzanne said: “My background is in hospitality and fitness, and I am looking forward to combining these worlds and welcoming everybody to Hotpod Yoga Sheffield.

“I needed help with rehabilitation after sustaining a back injury playing Roller Derby and stumbled upon Hotpod Yoga.

“One class and I was intrigued, two classes and I was hooked. I felt super chilled after a session but was perplexed as to why Sheffield did not have a Hotpod yet. From then on, I set about making it a reality.

“This is a supercharged approach to an ancient and powerful practice that takes yoga out of its niche and into the lives of people previously untouched by, or uninterested in, yoga. And here it is in Sheffield.”

The concept of Hotpod Yoga is to immerse yourself in the activity inside a pod with a temperature of 37 degrees through the Vinyasa Flow style of yoga which synchronises movement and breath, to work the body and calm the mind. This is complemented with special purple lighting, urban-chill beats and fragrance to awaken the senses.

Hotpod was started in 2013 and has become Europe’s largest yoga business with more than 100,000 people immersing themselves in a Hotpod class at one of more than 50 locations in eight countries around the world.

Tom Weightman, associate in the commercial property team at Wake Smith who dealt with the details of the lease, said: “This is a real revolution in yoga and Suzanne is looking to attract, and convert, Sheffielders to a new take on yoga. We wish her all the best in her new venture.”

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