Yorkshire female creatives team up to help drive region’s sustainability forward

Pictured are Fliss Lee, Tash Morgan-Etty, Danielle Heward, and Laura Norman

A group of female founders have teamed up to help an established operations improvement firm build on the transformational support it has provided to Yorkshire businesses and not-for profits over the last three years.

Laura Norman of Chroma Marketing, Fliss Lee of Honest Folk, Kayleigh Nicolaou of Kakadu Creative and Tash Morgan-Etty of Write Rabbit, joined forces to facilitate a rebrand for Yorkshire-based DH Professional Solutions at a time when sustainability is top of mind for many.

With each founder already having sustainability at the heart of their brand, it was the perfect group to lead the firm’s transition to becoming the newly named Optimo.

Founded in 2019, DH Professional Solutions (now Optimo) exists to maximise the impact of every organisation with a purpose and mission to make positive change.

Headed up by experienced operations, project and change professional Danielle Heward, the firm supports businesses and not-for-profits working for environmental and social change to do what they do more efficiently and effectively.

This includes co-designing, planning and implementing operational solutions with people development, process improvement, systems implementation and project and change management.

Having been founded just before the pandemic began, the firm’s brand identity hadn’t taken priority and thus, DH Professional Solutions was created as a temporary solution.

In June 2022, being already familiar with the work that Laura and Fliss do, founder Danielle approached them with a brief for a complete brand refresh.

Laura took the lead on the project in the first instance facilitating focus groups and market research to inform the brand strategy.

Fliss then used the learnings to develop a complete brand identity and strategy, alongside Tash who worked on creating copy for the newly launched website, created by Kayleigh.

Laura Norman said: “I’ve been familiar with the amazing work Danielle and the team have been doing over the last few years, so when she approached me regarding the rebrand, I jumped at the chance to get involved.

“It was such an exciting project to work on. I knew the first thing we had to do was obtain insight, so we conducted a focus group with a network of clients, associates and people in the sustainability field to understand what they would like to see the company do, how they feel about certain ideas and more. This gave us an abundance of inspiration to take into the design process.

“At this point, brand strategist Fliss came in with the creative ideas and thus, Optimo was born.”

Danielle Heward, founder of Optimo, said: “Having started the business so close to the pandemic, my brand always took a bit of a back seat. I knew it was a challenging time for many organisations and so I wanted to focus entirely on helping those making positive changes to be as efficient and sustainable as possible.

“Now, having almost three years under our belt and some brilliant client success stories, I felt it was the right time to focus on leveraging that with a brand refresh.

“It’s been well received already, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”


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