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Plenty of “pin-terest” in Theakston’s mini Christmas casks!

Coopers at a North Yorkshire brewery are creating plenty of “pin-terest” with their mini Christmas casks. T&R Theakston Ltd’s brewery craft cooper, Jonathan Manby, and his apprentice, Euan Findlay, have been spending the last few weeks of the year making traditional wooden “pins”, which will be filled with the world-renowned Theakston’s

Country’s only apprentice brewery craft cooper makes public debut at Great Yorkshire Show

The country’s only apprentice brewery craft cooper will be making his public debut this month at one of the country’s most important agricultural shows. Euan Findlay, 19, who is indentured to T&R Theakston Ltd, is joining his mentor, brewery craft cooper Jonathan Manby, on the firm’s stand at the Great Yorkshire

Theakston’s coopers branch out to create Christmas trees from oak beer casks

Coopers at T&R Theakston Ltd’s brewery have been branching out this December by creating Christmas trees from old oak beer casks. Jonathan Manby, together with his apprentice Euan Findlay, have made a number of wooden trees from oak staves reclaimed from Theakston’s Old Peculier casks, which are now adorning the entrance