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“Business Battle-Axe” urges taxpayers to guard against HMRC investigations

Business Battle-axe Amanda Vigar, managing partner of Holmfirth-based accountants V&A Bell Brown LLP, is urging tax payers to ensure they declare all income to HMRC. "Grey area" income, that people may overlook,  includes, for example, rental income, earnings from self-employment, savings income for higher rate taxpayers, and untaxed income like regular

Further consultation on apprenticeships welcome, says FSB

Commenting on the Government’s decision that it will launch further consultations into the issue of apprenticeship funding reform, Gordon Millward, regional chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), said: "Successful businesses spend money on training and recognise that apprenticeships are a smart investment. "But to feel confident in that outlay, businesses

Time is running out for Businesses to meet new PAYE requirements

Chartered accountancy firm Clough & Company is advising businesses to prepare for a major shake-up to ‘Pay As You Earn’ (PAYE), which will affect nearly all employers, after a survey found only 16 per cent of businesses were aware of their upcoming obligations. From April the ‘Real Time Information’ (RTI) programme,