Barnsley-based Barber DTS continues European expansion

Barnsley-based Barber DTS, the leading supplier of tattooing equipment across the UK and Europe, is continuing its expansion programme with the opening of a new warehouse in Blaufelden, Germany.

The 14-strong warehouse bolsters the Barber DTS team on the ground in Germany, which combines sales, customer service and now, supply.

The new site opening forms part of the business’ long term expansion plans and ambitions to be closer to its customers across the UK and on the continent, to provide unrivalled service.

Francis Robinson, international sales manager at Barber DTS, said: “We want to be a truly European business. Long before Brexit and Covid, our strategy has been to grow and service our customers on their doorsteps. Our German warehouse now means that we can quickly deliver products across the continent, with cost savings that we are able to pass on, thanks to the reduction of overheads into Europe.

“We still have strong growth in the UK as well. All our central functions remain in the UK, at our head office here in Barnsley. We’ve needed to expand some of our UK teams, such as the purchasing team, to be able to service the warehouse in Germany.

“The move to some of our operations overseas has meant that we can devote time to working on operational and technological improvements here. We’re excited to be growing and progressing in Europe. Germany is our fastest growing territory, and it will be one of major focuses. However, our home will always be the UK.”

The warehouse in Blaufelden joins Barber DTS’s shop in Nantes, France. The business is hoping to open another shop in Berlin in the coming months as well.

Michael Burger, a tattoo artist based in Oberpfaltz, Germany, and a longstanding customer of Barber DTS, said: “I’ve been ordering from Barber DTS since I opened my studio in 2016. I like to be able to get everything in one place from gloves to tattoo inks, needles, and machines.

“Ordering has always been seamless but since the warehouse opened in Germany, delivery has been incredibly quick. Now, if something is spontaneously missing, I can simply order it and have it here by the next day. Business is busier than ever here; we’re actually looking for more tattoo artists to meet demand. With Barber DTS now on our doorstep, I have no worries about meeting the demand and bringing the very best service to our customers.”

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