Yorkshire entrepreneurs launch “Not On The High Street” for farming

Tom Kitchen-Dunn and Jack Bostock

Two young entrepreneurs from Hade Edge, Holmfirth are transforming the way meat gets from the farm to the nation’s dinner tables with their new business, Lamb2Ewe. 

Old school friends Tom Kitchen-Dunn and Jack Bostock spotted a gap in the market for top quality, high welfare, sustainable meat, delivered direct from carefully vetted Yorkshire farmers to discerning customers. 

Described as Not On The High Street for farming, Lamb2Ewe offers farmers a direct route to customers enabling them to get a much fairer price for their livestock and therefore allowing them to adhere to top welfare standards. 

Co-founder Tom said: “Whilst veganism may be on the rise, there’s also a considerable market out there for customers who want to eat meat but want reassurance that the animals they are eating have been well looked after, cared for and treated with respect. That’s what we offer. 

“At Lamb2Ewe, we don’t want to be the cheapest. Producing high quality, high welfare meat requires a lot of investment, but farmers are being constantly pushed to reduce their prices which means more and more risk going out of business. Our model means farmers get a fair price and customers can be sure their meat is sustainable, high welfare and non-religiously slaughtered.

With Tom’s background in sales and marketing and Jack’s job as a full-time shepherd, the pair realised they had the perfect mix of skills to launch a business. They originally bought five lambs to test the market, sold them almost immediately and Lamb2Ewe was born.

Tom added: “We started selling half and quarter lambs by the box. Now we’ve expanded into selling poultry, veg boxes, spice mixes and meat rubs and shortly will be introducing beef, all from our approved Yorkshire farms. We’re also looking at selling ethical dairy products, with milk from cows whose calves have been naturally weaned. 

“Our customers stretch from Carlisle to Devon and Portsmouth, and all our products are delivered in eco-friendly boxes which don’t require refrigeration meaning they use less fuel in transit which again is positive for the environment. Lamb2Ewe shows you can eat meat in a more ethical, environmentally friendly, but also conveniently, way.” 

Lamb2Ewe can be ordered online and delivered straight to the door.

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