Selby family memorials firm rebrands to reflect changing times

Maria Morris outside Mindful Memorials in Selby

An established Selby memorials business has a new name and look to reflect a new way of working post Covid.

One of eight branches owned by Mindful Memorials (part of J. Rotherham Ltd), J. Burns Memorials has had its own identity since it became part of the J. Rotherham family of businesses in the late 1980s, but the pandemic gave business owners Anna and Adrian Buckley chance to reflect.

“We have operated across the Yorkshire region for many decades, with J. Rotherham branches in Driffield, Barnsley and Pocklington, Tyas and Tyas in Doncaster, G.H Wriglesworth in Hull, G.R Pinder in Scarborough and J. Burns in Selby.

However, in order to simplify communication, ensure consistency between branches and reinforce our ethos of a holistic approach to grief and bereavement, the time is now right to bring all the branches under one name: Mindful Memorials,” said Mrs Buckley.

Mindful Memorials Selby’s Branch Manager Maria Morris said: “According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of mindful is: ‘careful not to forget something’ and ‘deliberately aware of your body, mind and feelings, in the present moment in order to create a feeling of calm’.

“We believe that a memorial evokes feelings, memories and ultimately an awareness and acceptance of the passing of a loved one and as such, “mindful” is a perfect name for what we are striving to achieve.

“At Mindful Memorials, we pride ourselves on working with the family, often over a period of months, to gain an insight into their loved one that allows us to create a unique design and a personalised memorial that is a fitting tribute to a special life.”

The transformation of Mindful Memorials Selby marks the beginning of a project to rename all nine branches, to unite them with a striking new look and to introduce the principles of biophilia to make every Mindful Memorials branch a comforting place to step into.

Biophilia is defined as ‘the innate human instinct to connect with nature and other living beings’ and Mindful Memorials’ landscape and interior plant designer, Iwona Szymanska is creating a unique, welcoming and peaceful showroom space in Selby that includes a living wall of moss and a selection of plants. 



Born into a family of stonemasons, Mrs. Buckley runs the fourth generation business that was founded by Joseph Rotherham Senior with her husband, Adrian. Mindful Memorials is based at The Masons’ Yard near York that is home to a team of eight artisan craftsmen who boast a collective 250 years’ experience.

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